If you’re looking for a great way to quickly update the look of your home, adding area rugs is the perfect solution for you. Unlike wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs are easier to clean and replace when you want to create a fresh look in a space. Although area rugs aren’t meant to cover the entire floor, they definitely add more comfort and warmth when placed on the right locations.

If you’re still new to decorating with area rugs, here are some basic tips to remember on the right rug placement.

Rugs Should Extend Under the Furniture

When placing area rugs, be sure that they go underneath the key furniture piece in an area. For instance, if you’re setting a rug in a living room, it should go under the upholstered pieces. If it’s not that big, getting it under the front legs of the furniture will do.

That way, you’ll have a comfortable feeling on your feet while you’re relaxing in that area. If you have a centre table in the middle of your living room seating, the rug should totally go under that furniture piece. Choose the right size that you need to avoid spending more on rugs that won’t look good in a room.

Create Equal Space around the Rug

No matter what room you’re decorating, it is important that you leave an equal space at all sides from the wall into the rug. This is to ensure that the rug is cantered in the room and looks balanced when seen on top. It doesn’t matter whether you follow the 18-inch common rule or go over or under that as long as the space on all sides are equal.

Don’t Skimp on Size When It Comes to Bedroom Rugs

A bedroom rug is never good when it doesn’t extend beyond the bed. The main purpose of a rug in the bedroom is to give your feet a soft and warm spot to land on when you step out of bed in the morning. When buying a rug for your bedroom, measure it properly first to know the right size that you need. The recommended extensions are 12 to 18 inches from the bed but you can go for more length for extra comfort.

Cover High Traffic Areas Fully

For areas that receive heavy foot fall, it is best that you cover the entire floor as much as possible. Aside from protecting the flooring, it also makes walking more comfortable and keeps the dirt from getting deeper into your home. Be sure to clean them regularly especially the heavily used ones on hallways and entryways since they harbor much dust and dirt from people coming into your home.

Styling your home with area rugs is one of the most versatile ways to beautify a room. There are plenty of colours, patterns and textures to choose from and you can easily replace or switch them when you want to try a different look in your home décor.