Education is one of the needs of a child, without a question. You’re reading this because you have education, you’re understanding this since you have education and your child deserve it as well.  Being in a country like Malaysia, it isn’t like you don’t have choices – the problem is that you have too many to choose from.

Hence, being a clever parent comes to advice and working on them. In this article, we are going over 4 major areas that you need to focus on when choosing a school for your child; here there are.

  1. The reputation it has in the industry

There is no doubt that several industries have truly peaked in Malaysia; we’re talking about engineering, medicine, law, military, management, humanities, HR and the list goes on. The chances of you being in one of these fields always gives you the added opportunity to know whether the intended school has good reputation in the community. There are so many occasions when people have been recruited when they are from certain schools and using that for your advantage is a job up to you.

  • The curriculum it focusses on & opportunities

The different between a school that follows a traditional and unique curriculum and a british curriculum school in malaysiais the sheer recognition. The reason why these standards are set is because that’s what the world expects. Hence, making sure that your child undergoes this sort of a curriculum is important and will automatically pave way to stand higher chances of college or university entrance

On the flip side, you shouldn’t settle down to a school that has no facilities to encourage sporting abilities of a child. Because for all you know, being good at swimming, athletics or even gymnastics would be the reason why your child goes to college in the end.

  • The typical fees

As the parent, it will be you why will be affording everything. Since this isn’t like a business where you need to pay huge chunks of money, you will fine for the most part. But you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the semester fee increment, if there is such, when your child grows. That way, no problem will arise at any cost.

  • The proximity from your residence

Children, and even us, dislike having to travel long distances of time in the morning to school, and work in our case. Hence, you must ensure that the school is either in a tolerable proximity or get accommodation nearby enough.