When looking into the development that Pakistan has had, one name resonates, in most of the fields and that name is Dawood. The Dawood family has made it their responsibility to look into the needs of the people of Pakistan and to provide them with all that is needed to better the facilitiestend everything else that is available for the people of Pakistan to have better conditions and facilitiesto reach out for their dreams.

Lets look into the great contributions that has been made by the Dawood family’s foundation for the betterment of Pakistan in every possible way.

The school of arts

When it comes to the field of arts and also education, one of the best colleges found in Karachi that offers the best facialist  in the entire area is the mariyamDawood school of visual arts. This school was set up to provide for the lackingfacilities that are present in the field. When you look at the facilities are present in the school of visual arts, they will stand out from the rest of Pakistan and it has shown to the greatest in the area as well. Since the start of the school, it has created many creative and talented individuals who have done the best to the field of arts and education as well.

Contributions to the hospitals

The great contributions of the Dawood family also goes out the field of medicine as well. Most of the hospitals in Pakistan have been donated the best state of the art medical equipment and other faculties are needed to better the quality of the treatments provided the patients. They have done a great deal when it comes to creating much better conditions to the doctors, other medical professionals and also the patients of the country.

They have made great contributions to the country of Pakistan and the medical field that thousands of people consider this family to be their hero.

Contribution to the youth

The Dawood’s have taken major steps to empower the youth in all ways possible. They have not only made quality education possible to the youth but they have also encouraged the youth into following their passion as well. This has made the youth be more open to experience and they have been given motivation to achieve their goals as well. The contributions of the great family will keep on coming and their contributions will take children with dreams in Pakistan a long way as well like they have done for  a long time.

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