If ten years ago, someone had said that they had a device that could print something in a three dimensional form, I would have told them to stop watching so many science fiction movies. However here we are, in a world where we do not have to be limited with projecting our ideas in a two dimensional form, but we can now present them in a full three dimensional form. This concept initially came into play with three dimensional software that would allow people, especially designers, engineers and architects to create models of their final product in three dimensional forms.

This meant that they were now better suited to make their designs more relatable and bring it out of their heads and present it to a person as it would appear in the real world. But this is not the only place where this third dimension is being fully exploited. In the cinema industry too, people are getting a new experience of the motion picture as it comes in three dimensions and we can imagine for once, what the first movie goers felt like when they saw a moving train coming straight for them.

3D has been revolutionizing the world and it is taking the world on in leaps and bounds. But architects and designers and film producers are not the only people who are taking advantage of the invention of the three dimensions. People are now able to give, three dimensional gifts to their loved ones, where previously, the only way to do this was if you either hired a craftsman or you yourself was a craft man. This revolution has gone so fast that it is now possible for people to buy small three dimensional printers for their houses and with suppliers like 3d printing materials singapore being available all over the world, it is not too difficult, though a little expensive , to get your own three dimensional printers.

This of course means a whole new way of piracy and coping as not people are able to make three dimensional copies of stuff that they were not able to have. Though this is not perfected as yet, people have already started trying to print their own guns and bullets using three dimensional printers, making this a new headache for law enforcement. However whatever said and done, three dimensional works are now here and it will soon be a thing that we can all enjoy but it will sadly bring with it a whole new list of problems that those who wait to abuse something can do. But for good and for bad, 3D has changed the world, again.

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