We live in a world where balancing work life with family life has become quite an imposing and major challenge. Sometimes parents might find it hard to keep an eye on a young child, especially in a family where both parents are working. Young children are best kept under supervision and care. As they can get themselves into situations that pose a threat to their overall wellbeing and happiness. Children are actively seeking opportunities to broaden their horizons and therefore they are likely to try things that might jeopardize their safety. It only takes a moment for something to happen that a parent might regret for the rest of their life. It’s best to take precautions than to regret later for not having taken them in the first place.

Who will take on the responsibility in the absence of a parent?

Taking care of a child is a considerably demanding thing that not everyone can do. There are people who have years of experience taking care of children such as nannies that specialize in taking proper care of a child under their care. A caregiver should be devoted, dedicated, vigilant, active and caring. They should be concerned about the wellbeing of the child under their care. Caregivers use their experience to understand the needs and requirements of each and every individual child to ensure that the child feels safe and content to be under their care.

Responsibilities of a caregiver

•    Ensuring that the environment around the child is safe.

•    Attending to their physical needs. (bathing, dressing, and hunger)

•    Making sure that the child is comfortable

•    Keeping a watchful eye on a child.

•    Keeping the child satisfied

•    Acting as a role model

•    Engaging in various activities with a child (play, crafts, and educational activities)

Every child is special and has different needs. Each child is a unique individual. Caregivers identify the interests of a child under their care and adjust their care according to the needs and demands each child poses. As children are very curious, they are committed to keeping them safe and guiding them through various activities,

keeping the children occupied and safe. Young children are quick to pick up things, such as habits from the adults they associate. The best caregivers act in such a way that they are an example for the children that are under their care. You can find experienced caregivers at nanny agency Singapore.

 Children are quick learners. They acquire the practices and habits of those around them. Therefore, effective caregivers use this to guide children by action rather than words.

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