Finally tying the knot with the love of yours is exciting but planning a wedding might be a little overwhelming. There are few things to follow when organizing a wedding

Initially sit with your partner and discuss with him or her the budget of the wedding. You don’t want an extravagant wedding with a huge expense if it exceeds your budget. So first before anything decide on a budget. Get a note book list down all the plan and roughly the expense of each.

Decide on the venue and date, you can opt for an outdoor wedding or an indoor. There are various places online which you can find. Call them and visit them personally so you can envision your wedding there and choose the one that most likely goes with your taste. Everyone has a dream on how and where the wedding should be, while choosing select a place that goes with it and fits the budget as well. Some like the wedding to be outdoor in that case surf the web for beautiful spots, talk with the people involved and book the date.

Once you have picked on the venue, decide on the flowers and décor, what kind of flowers that you would like to adorn the place with and the bouquet for the bride , there are florist who could help you with that 24 hours florist singapore.

In order to not miss who you want to invite, its best to create a guest list. That way you can have all your loved ones to grace and bless your union.

For the menu of the meal hire a caterer and place your demands. Since you might not know individual’s meal preference it better to place an order for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

What’s a wedding with no music, if you are to hire professionals you would need to book them weeks prior to the appointed date.

It’s always confusing when it comes to deciding on the clothes for wedding. Shop with your friends or family if you have difficulty deciding on your own. Grooms usually have no trouble selecting their clothing but bride are little confused so while choosing the dress as a bride go for the one that you feel is the best.

To capture the moments, hire a photographer so your special day lives through ages.

Invitations, you can opt for simple ones or design a card of the style you like and distribute them personally.

Once you have got all organized, only thing left is to execute them peacefully with no hassle.

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