Whether it’s a cute charm bracelet you ordered from Amazon and wrapped using pastel papers for your best friend’s 16th birthday or a good luck gift for your aunt who’s moving into a new house for a new life, these charms and gifts can certainly elevate the positivity in the air and bring a kind of bliss in to our lives. Whether it works or not, we still stay positive and leave room for hope when we spend some money on it. When you own one, you simple hold on, because you know pain ends. Read below for five charms that might give the good luck you’re long awaiting. But do smile and believe before you go ahead.

Four Leaf Clovers Charms.

If you still believe in fairies and pixie dust although you could be a tad bit older to do that, you’re definitely going to love four leaf clover charms. The Irish believed that these leaves could attract fairies but drive out their mischief. And the four leaves symbolize, love and luck, hope and happiness. The leaves that’ll actually work are rare, but if you do find a clover with one leaflet being smaller than the other three, you can consider yourself lucky. If you don’t go on a hike or trekking often, then you could simply make your own ones!

Number 7 Charms.

You’ve probably freaked out every time you get a room at a hotel with number 13 and simply rejected it or at least hesitated a teeny bit to buy anything that comes with that number. And you know it’s because of paranormal reasons. The same way, you’d grab anything that comes with the number 7. You’ve heard that it could bring good luck but you don’t exactly know why. Well if you’re doubting it, here’s why. After the storm, you see the rainbow, an evidence that there’s good after the bad. And the rainbow comes in seven beautiful colours. Or the fact that there’s 7 days in the week and seven planets visible to the human eye. When you’re getting a bracelet, get 7 beads, ladybugs or crystals for number 7 charm.

Fengshui Charms.

Attracting positive energy in the Chinese way is pretty simple and increasingly popular too. Be it a laughing Buddha or feng shui pagodas, they’re used as a cure for good luck, happiness, abundance, success, good health and pretty much everything with goodness. If you’re confused about fengshui charms you can simply Google up what your Chinese zodiac sign is and get the right amulets and charms that’ll fit your sign. I think it’s actually kind of rad to wear a necklace or bracelet with a dragon charm or rabbit whether or not the luck kicks in. It’s never too late to give it a try right?

Horseshoe Charms. This one’s always intrigued me, because despite their popularity for good luck, I always find them printed in cards or even kept as ornaments and wondered how, out of all things on earth, a simple horseshoe could bring any sort of luck to our tragic lives. And when I looked up, the stories trace back to the ancient era where a legend called Saint Dunstan tied a horseshoe to a devil and didn’t remove it until the devil declared to never step near the house. And in another case it was believed that the mischievous fairies hated iron and therefore never came around a house that had a horseshoe made out of iron hanging on the door. Well whether or not these stories are true, horseshoes are a fun way to bring luck into your house. So hang them on your room door or get a customised phone cover. You might need the luck you know…

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