Business development is changing. Earlier when people used to go to potential clients personally and talk to them about your product or service, now it is changed to pitching via online means such as email and social media. With the ever-increasing web traffic, it has been found out by a study done by Microsoft that a person keeps his or her attention on something for only eight seconds. This is an alarming reduction from the same calculations which was 12 seconds in just year 2000. All this shows that what worked, works and will work, is the one-on-one discussion, the “human touch” so to speak.

Grabbing that attention

Online methods and social media are ideal to grab the attention rather than keep it. If you can design a compelling advertisement or video, of several seconds, where a potential client will stop to look, that is the perfect use of these web-based platforms. However, included in the ad must be the contact details or a website where your products and services are displayed. Once they visit a website or your social media page, it is up to you to follow the lead up until they are sure they want to use your services. This following up must step out from the comfort zone of your computer, hence, a physical meeting, attending an exhibition or a simple presentation must follow suit.

Corporate gifts

Another method to keep your brand on the top-of-the-mind awareness is to have corporate gifts made. You can try an array of products available now, with your logo and taglines printed on them. Most popular gifts are mugs, umbrellas, pens, notebooks and key tags. However you need to be careful to gift the right present to the right person. A CEO level person wouldn’t be amused by a key chain. For this, you can talk to the gift makers and come to a decision on some valuable products as corporate gifts. There are many tech gadgets which are expensive and can easily be branded as corporate gifts such as USB hubs, power banks, Bluetooth earpieces etc.

Get them to come to a party

Best way, though, is to meet and greet. You can easily organize a dinner party, an outing or a cocktail for existing and potential clients. If it feels like too much work, you can get a Singapore events company to do it for you. This is an ideal opportunity for the relevant staff members to meet the clients, give a face to a name which they are always coordinating with, build and enhance relationships. It may be slightly costly than an online campaign but you will see the resultssoon enough.

To meet people and clear a pathway to start a business discussion a face-to-face discussion is the best method. Even if many decision makers refuse to meet you during office times, quoting various office-related reasons, an after-office party is not something they can easily refuse. So this is your opportunity to take advantage of that.

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