When Christmas and the holiday season is around the corner, secret Santa is a theme that pops up everywhere and the most boring of it all is when you have to pick out secret Santa gifts for your co-workers that you know nothing about.

If you’re soon to be invited for a secret Santa event at your office, we have all the tips you need to know in order to find the perfect secret Santa gifts for your co-workers. Follow the tips we have mentioned for some great ideas,

Pair Of Texting Gloves

If you’ve gotten paired with the girl who is always on her phone and texting all of her friends, the ideal gift would be a pair of texting gloves that would probably get her fired in the coming future. If you live in a cold area that always has bad weather, this gift idea would be more appropriate and suitable for this type of girl.

For those who can’t seem to put their phones down even during important meetings and snow storms, this gift idea is ideal.

A Funny Mug

If you’ve gotten matched with the joker of your office, instead of going with the traditional mugs you would get from customised business gifts Singapore shops offer, buy a mug that speaks a funny message or has a loud and obnoxious print on it that perfectly represents this co-worker to the t.

The good thing is mugs are always a classic gift to give because they are usually very handy around the workplace.

An Oil Diffuser

This is a bit more pricer than the rest of the gift ideas so if you get matched with a manager or a close friend, you should definitely think of giving them an oil diffuser that they could set up on their work desk and eliminate stress and anxious thoughts.

Diffusing oils have a lot of anxiety reliving properties so if you have a friend in office who cries a lot or a boss that tends to get nervous when speaking to a crowd, this gift will be ideal for these types of people as it helps relax and de-stress.

Therapeutic Coloring Book

For the cow-worker who is always stressed and on the verge of tears, a therapeutic coloring book will make the ideal gift as it will help her or him deal with his emotions by projecting his feeling into an art form and beginning the coloring process.

These types of coloring books are especially made for people who tend to struggle with anxious thoughts so this gift would be ideal.

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