In a country like Pakistan the people have gone through and are still going through a lot. The threat of terrorism still remains a major contributing factor. Along with this natural disasters have also had their fair play. Millions of citizen have lost everything they had and have fled their homes for safety. Pakistan is a victim of what happens to be two major earthquakes, horrible floods and droughts. People have been affected and are struggling to cope up because they have lost their homes, livelihood and livestock. Hence why is really important for international organizations to do their contribution to help these victims in any possible way.

The activities by a variety of humanitarian assistances could mean everything to them. It could be non-governmental and even international organizations that aims to provide services and goods during a natural disaster. The assistance is composed of temporary shelters, medicines, clothes, and food and hospital equipment. When an organization is committed to engage in disaster relief they make major efforts on improve the well-being, quality of life and human dignity of the victims and reduce the mortality and morbidity.

However there has been several observations made on how different organizations don’t provide services that are of great success in supporting the affected. Hence why it is very important to choose the right organization to work and contribute for. One such organization that has done exceptional work is the Dawood foundation, which is supported by B. Dawaood and Mariyam Dawood. They have been very prominent in being a major contributors for the relief efforts made in Pakistan. This organization has had its exceptional reputation for working tirelessly to provide the necessary relief for those in need. They achieve this by collecting food, shelter supplies and funds. Since the 1960s this organization has been known for its unwavering efforts at rebuilding villages, reducing the impacts of droughts and constructing shelters.

This kind of service is very important for the people in need. But what happens when it comes to various other organizations is that they do not have a clear idea on the responsibilities and roles involved in this field. There is a lack of clarity and a lot of duplication of work. There should be coordination and lots of efforts should be made on minimal wastage and valuable resources. Hence why choosing the right organization, which has proven success in meeting and addressing people’s needs  makes a big difference to the people who are affected.

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