A home or even an office needs to have a special look to it. This look should also be something the people who use that space is comfortable with. At a home you have the freedom to choose whatever colour you want to paint the walls with. At a workplace also you have the freedom to choose the colours, but you have to be conscious of the impact it will have on your employees and the customers.

Different people find different choices of decor ideal for their chosen space. That is why you will see some people liking Scandinavian industrial interior design for their homes and workplaces. Whatever theme you choose to go with, it has to consider a couple of important factors. All these factors contribute into making a fine building decor.

The Floor and the Walls

When we think about a space we cannot ignore either the floor or the walls. They are literally what get together to create a space. Different spaces can have different types of combinations of floors and walls. There are people who are more comfortable with wooden floors. There are people who want to have a tiled floor. When it comes to the walls, you can decide to use either wallpapers or paint to colour the walls and give it character. All these choices are actually personal. However, you should also consider the rest of the building when you are trying to create some new space.


Matching colours is always important. If you are going for a calm atmosphere always choose neutral colours such as white, pale grey or pale brown. These should be muted colours. If you want to create an exciting atmosphere you can go with bright colours. There is also the option of using a combination of bright and neutral colours.


No matter how much work you put into creating a great space by matching the colours and every little bit of furniture, all of that hard work will be wasted if you do not select the right lighting. This is where you are going to need professional help the most. They are people who know all about lighting different places as they have worked with a number of other projects for choosing decor for spaces.

Use of Furniture

Use of furniture has to be on point too. For example, if you clutter a space which is supposed to be spacious, you are going to destroy the whole theme of the decor.

Using the help of professionals is the wisest way to make correct decor choices.

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