Are you asking on moving to Singapore for a considerable period of time for work, education or simply to visit a relative living here? Then this article will provide you with some useful information that will help you get through your stay hassle free. When asking from friends or browsing the web for information regarding this tropical city-state of Asia, you will come across a lot of information, some of which will be true and some will not be very accurate. Continue reading this article to verify the things you have heard from others before getting on board the plan that will bring you over to the Lion City.

It is a cultural hub

This island city which is located in the southern shore of Malaysia is home to diverse and rich set of cultures from all parts of Asia and the rest of the world. The streets are full of street food shops offering delicacies from all parts of the world. Various ethnic groups live in harmony and churches, mosques and Hindu kovils can be found meters away from each other. Public holidays are given for all religions and ethnic groups alike and they coexist unlike most regions of the world.

The shopping scene

Singaporeans are famously known for being keen about two things, eating and shopping! VivoCity, Mustafa City, Suntec City Mall are some of the well-known shopping malls in this city and thousands of local and foreign customers visit these everyday. You can buy pretty much anything here but the only problem is the price which is significantly higher than the other countries in the region. If you ever have to find a place for iMac repair Singapore, it is always advisable to avoid the high-end places and look for a cheaper shop located in the heart of the city. These budget shops and stalls sell quality products and services at affordable prices and they are widely preferred by many who move here for studies or work.

It’s super clean

No matter where you live right now, once you move to Singapore, the cleanliness of this city will definitely surprise you. Some harsh fines and penalties have been set in place to control and restrict the littering of streets and public places. The founding father of the Lion City, Lee Kuan Yew took the initial steps towards converting it into the sparkling metropolis it is today. Everything from the streets to the pavements to the walls of the shops are clean as they can be and only a terrorist would want to litter such a beautiful land.



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