Every now and then it’s nice to get together with close friends just to simply catch up and bond together. But planning for a simple party or get together can be a headache if it is not organized properly.

In this article we will be discussing some useful tips on how to plan a small gathering or group party successfully.


The first thing to do is to create a guest list so you would know how many people are coming to the party. Make sure to finalize the headcount for those coming to the party so that you can calculate the amount of food to be served for the guests. It’s better to have excess food rather than experience shortage during the party itself. At the same time you can plan your menu or food ahead of time. If you are in charge planning the party get together then you would need at least one week to plan for the event so that everything will be in order.  Work on a checklist to make sure that everything is organized.

If there is no time for cooking then you can always opt to order take out food or suggest a potluck so every participant has their own share of assignments. You can assign one dish per person and if you are looking for desserts then you can always stop by singapore cake shop to buy the pastry of your choice. Good food is a must especially for intimate or small gatherings like this one. People are actually expecting that food will be one of the highlights of the party. Also do not forget the drinks. A few bottles of red and white wine should complement the food that will be served. Do not forget to add bottled water, juices or soda on the list of beverages to be served at the party.It is important to have a variety because not everyone has the same taste.

Decorate the place or venue of the party at least a few days before the event because the last thing that you would like to happen is be unprepared that would leave your guests feeling disappointed. Planning for a theme is also recommended so it gives everybody the chance to participate by wearing costumes or helping out with the decoration. You actually don’t need fancy decorations for your party just keep it simple and less complicated and just focus on making everybody happy on the said event. Make the event as memorable as possible because you may never know when would be the next scheduled get together be.