If you have paid any attention to the community service people do, you must have seen how there are different kinds of awards given to different people by different organizations. Some of these awards are so prestigious that they are given by the president of a country. When talking about these awards offered to community service one could argue why do they matter? Are we not doing community service only to help other people?

Though we engage in all types of community service work with the ambition of helping as many people as we can, these awards actually matter a lot in that line of work. There are reasons for saying so.

To Get More Attention to the Work One Does

If we want to help more people we have to always get more help from people who have the means to help. You cannot help all the people in the world on your own. If you are someone like Teo Yen Koon Desmond who has been even awarded with the US President Lifetime Achievement Award for the community service he has done, you can get more people interested in the projects you are engaged in. People who have no idea in this kind of community work will look at what it is all about because they hear about your awards. That is a great way to find support for the important tasks you are engaged in.

To Feel Appreciated

As we are all humans we all love to feel appreciated for the good work we do. These awards are a way of making people feel they are doing something right for other people. Even if you are receiving a lot of love and respect from the people you have helped and also your peers, getting such an award will help you to get motivated to do more.

To Get More People Interested in Participating

While the people who are truly involved in community service are doing that to help other people, awards can be used as a way to get more people into helping others. There are people who are competitive in nature enough to try to do a lot of things to get a prize. Community service awards can get them to do good work. Most of them fall in love with the work they do during this whole process.

Therefore, awards in community service matter a lot as they are a great way to attractive new people, get more help and to keep those in the field motivated.

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