A job interview is not just about examining your qualifications and skills. It is about evaluating your personality as a whole. Confidence is a major trait that is looked for by the company and hence you need to be able to carry yourself well through the whole process. It’s not just the verbal communication, but non-verbal gestures matter too. so here are some useful tips for you.

  1. Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is a strong sign of confidence. Being able to look in the eye and talk to someone means that you are genuine and have nothing to hide. Most people find it easier to look in the eye when listening but harder when speaking. So, practice before you go. Of course with the pressure you might forget all what you rehearsed, but if you keep it intact in your mind, it will naturally flow.

  1. Body positioning

The way you sit, how your hands and feet are kept are major signs that interviewers pick on. You need to sit comfortably with your hands in a relaxed position and feet crossed together. Do not cramp up; take as much space as possible. You need to show how big you seem to be. Also, use hand gestures when talking, but don’t move them around too much. Don’t tap your hands and feet constantly, which show that you are nervous and unprepared.

  1. Practice the entrance

The first five second from the time you opened the door are very important. Interviewers can read a lot about you from the way you walk in. So, walk confidently and don’t forget to wear a smile. Even the panel is tired of talking to so many candidates so the least you could do to cheer them up is smile. Next, practice a firm handshake that makes a strong statement about you. A lazy handshake means your lack of experience at interviews and lack of professionalism.

  1. Don’t be desperate

You need to make them feel like they really need you, not that you need them. You can seem like you are sought by many on a job hunting platform Singapore. And be strong enough to say ‘no’ to certain demands if you can’t fulfill them. Do not agree to everything they say. Stand by your policies and do not bend over for anything that damages your self-respect.

  1. Talk slowly and clearly

You may try to rush through things to quickly get it over with. However, that will earn you minus points for sure. You need to calm down, take time in planning your answer and talk clearly. Do not blurt out answers hastily and regret later on since you cannot take those words back. Being confident doesn’t mean you have to answer immediately. Do not be afraid to tell them to give you a second to think.

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