Beginning to learn a new language is not an easy task. You are allocating time and investing hard earned money as well. Therefore you need to make sure that the school you select is teaching the language correctly and is able to address your requirements.

  • The amount of students: a very big class might be cheaper but you will soon get lost in the crowd. There will be less time for you to practice the new language as the teacher will not have time to address each and every student. You will also feel shy and intimidated even to ask questions on areas unclear to you. Therefore selecting a class that has a limited number of students per teacher is important.

  • The teacher: simply because the teacher is a native speaker of the language you are hoping to learn, that does not make him or her expert in it. They might speak well but they might not be able to teach it correctly or even teach about the correct use of the language. Even though they may be fluent, you must check their abilities to teach. After all you should be able to understand what they are telling and the methods they use to teach.


  • Qualifications: it is important that you check the teacher qualifications as well. English tuition Singapore and similar centres use linguistic specialists with extensive teaching experience. Most students at these reputed centres have postgraduate qualifications and have many years experience in teaching and helping people to learn new languages.


  • Ability to speak: after attending lessons you should be able to fluently converse in the new language. Therefore modern teaching methods emphasise on teaching communication in various contexts and situations thereby giving the students confidence in using the new language. Grammar and writing are important therefore they are emphasised in a manner that helps them better understand a language and its use. Therefore check whether the class that you select is focused on teaching students how to use the language effectively.

  • Textbook use: most language schools will use text books. Some may stick only to the contents within the book while others may explore other areas and even give students the opportunity to come up with topics of discussion. A reputed text book will give much needed structure and context for the lessons to progress, making them easy to understand. However you need to select a class that provides you with quality material as they will influence what you learn.

These are some questions you might want to ask yourself before attending a language class. Knowing what you want will help you select the best one that suits your requirements.


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