It may be her birthday or Valentine’s Day or simply you want to make her fell special; planning a dinner date right in the comfort of your home is a brilliant idea. It may take a bit of work but your effort will be highly appreciated by her, and you’ll have the entire house to yourselves. So here are some simple steps to plan the most memorable dinner date.

  1. Plan the menu

You don’t have to be a great cook to prepare a simple meal. Pick out some easy appetizers such as some cheese and chips, potato wedges or salad. For the main course, don’t go for something messy such as lasagna. You might be a really good cook, but it takes time and a lot of ingredients which will make a mess in the kitchen that you both will have to ultimately clean up. You wouldn’t have time for romance. Also, avoid onion and garlic. Choose foods that are easier to prepare, that would take maximum 45 minutes. You don’t want to be cooking forever do you? Arrange for some wine and a simple dessert too.also, have a backup plan if things don’t work out. If you burn your chicken, you got to order Chinese from outside.

  1. Venue and décor

You could change from the usual dining table and shift the dinner to your backyard or deck. However, make sure there are no mosquitos or bugs and that the weather is good. Set up the table;decorate the area with candles, rose petals, fairy lights and a romantic song in the background. You can even place a bunch of roses by the gift and hamper florist Malaysia on the table. Take out the nice dishes and wine glasses that are set aside for special occasions.

  1. Dress up

You need to look the occasion and hence don’t compromise on your attire. Dress smart, just like you’ll go out to a fine-dine restaurant. Once she gets home, she can go change into something nice too. You can either inform her about the dress code or surprise her by buying a new dress and shoes. You can prep dinner while she gets dressed.

  1. Avoid all distractions

Most of all, she needs your undivided attention. So, switch off your phone and devote the entire evening to her. If you have kids, arrange for them to stay at their grandparents’ house. Make sure you don’t pick a date on which a big game is on. She would surely get mad if you keep looking at the TV to check out the scores.