Life is itself a gift to man. The problem being that only a handful of people actually realize   this. How many school shootings did we hear in just the past year? Isn’t it simply terrible to realize that children who have not even completed their teen years are ready to kill others and themselves for no possible gain?

Well, the answer to all these problems is to be able to live a life that is meaningful. A life that is useful not only to oneself and family, but to the entire community as a whole! Read below for some suggestions on how you can lead a meaningful life.

Spend money for others

If you have been gifted with enough money to spend for yourself and others, then don’t be too stingy on how much you give for others. Just keep in mind that by helping out someone who is less fortunate than you will not make you poorer but rather richer in qualities! The more helpful you are towards people the more loving they will be towards you! There is no taking all the wealth with you once it’s time for you to die. But the love for you will never die if you are able to touch as may live’s as possible!

Spend time for others

Be there for others! Whether it is your spouse, kids, parents, siblings, extended family, friends or even strangers, sped time for others. Making others happy will definitely make you happy as well. You will find that spending time by volunteering or even something as simple as trying to make someone smile, will give you immense satisfaction and happiness. Because making others happy is contagious, it will spread!

Organize or contribute to welfare organizations and charities

There are many welfare organizations and volunteer services that are in operation. There are also some scam happening around such organizations. You will need to identify those well-known charity organizations and make your monetary contributions. If you are unable to make monetary contributions, you may even volunteer to help these organizations for free! Organizations that offer free services to the less privileged can most often benefit from such volunteer help. Look for reputed organizations that are reliable like that of Mariyam Dawood before enrolling.


Life will be much more meaningful if you start to live not only to oneself but for others as well. You need to understand that life has nothing to do with materialism or accumulation of wealth! Instead everything will be so much better with a simple act of kindness!



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