Out of the many documents businesses use everyday, the business report is one of a high importance, and it’s definitely that way for a good reason. This is where significant information about the company over a period of time is shown, where employees can see how well the organization is fairing (which is directly affected by how they work) and investors can determine if your business is worth investing in at all.

Although the point of a report is fairly simple, which is to present information for whoever is concerned, sometimes we get too lost into the technics of things and we tend to churn out what seems to be just a piece of paper with meaningless words and figures. Sometimes it even gets so boring that someone’s hard work ends up in a trash pile they don’t deserve. To avoid that, here are two quick tips even the most skilled business report writers can use.

Get To The Point!

One reason why reports are deemed boring is the fact that they are just painfully long to read. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” some might say. While you could spend an infinite amount of time crafting the report, making sure every word or decimal is in the right place, you have to face the reality that no one will read through the whole of it unless they have the luxury of time to do so. Most key readers will just skim through the sections, looking for information they can actually use. To ensure that your readers get what they came for, express it as briefly (but as concisely) as you can, and avoid the flowery extras.

Polish the Aesthetics

At its core, the business report is a piece of paper (or digital document) with symbols that aim to make sense. And the harsh reality is, if it isn’t aesthetically-pleasing, or if it doesn’t catch your readers’ attention, its journey to the bin is made much shorter, my friend. To avoid that, make sure you correctly emphasize headlines and key-points with bold fonts (and good-looking fonts for that matter), because again, the reader will most likely want to know the important information only, or at least those that benefit him and his agenda.

You can use an online enterprise financial reporting solution to help you achieve desirable reports. Anyone with or without coding expertise can create reports, and view them on any device as these services are supported across platforms.

You can even send them to other parties instantly, with the assurance that your report is protected by the most advanced encryptions. So there you have it. Although there are many other ways to improve your report-writing skills, just know that there is a plethora of resources available online, and the difference between a bad report and a good one is the writer himself.