When considering printed or reproduced matter, people seem to be at a loss to determine who the job should be given to. Since the outcome will impact a lot of things like your marketing activities or even events that have been planned, selecting a supplier or a provider of the service is no easy task. Let’s look at some factors you must consider before signing up with a service provider for your print needs.

  • Testimonials: you will not know what a company stands for and the level of quality they can provide, unless you have previously worked with them or have gone through some referrals. Therefore take your time to go through company websites and read customer testimonials. Social media nowadays is always a good place to ask around about a certain printer. They will have unbiased statements that will help you decide. Checking with friends and family can also provide some good answers.

  • Trust: when printing stickers online or offline, being able to trust the supplier matters a great deal. After all you are entrusting them with material that you have created for personal use or business reasons and they need to deliver with quality results. They should also not misuse the designs or the material that you have entrusted them with. Therefore look to industry reports or rankings to determine the nature of the company you hope to select.


  • Your wants: not every company provides the same service, some may be better at certain kinds of print jobs while others may not have the technical capabilities to deliver what you require. Therefore always research, ask questions to find out the level of expertise they have and the equipment they use. This is important because they should be able to deliver what you want and not what they are capable of delivering.


  • Check previous work: when choosing a company, it is a great idea to look at some of their previous work. This is especially important if you are looking for sticker printing online. Some will have samples displayed online while others will have tangible print items on display in their shops so you can have a look at them. Touching and feeling the quality of the work is also a good way to determine if they are right for the job.

  • Responsiveness: just like in any business, customer service is very important. When you go to a shop to get your print jobs done, they need to pay attention and make sure they understand clearly what your requirements are. Half hearted communication or a lack of attention is not great qualities to have and you should never entrust your work to such institutions.

These are some basic elements to factor in when you chose a company for your print jobs. Therefore doing a bit of research before you commit to a place will ensure you receive a quality product and service as well.


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