As a startup entrepreneur, you might have looked forward to working in a more flexible and less bureaucratic set-up. Having a small competent team working at a modern and minimalist-styled coworking space is like a dream come true for many. However, when business is booming, you may have to deal with not just a growing team, but a growing stack of papers, documents and office equipment as well!


Now this becomes a problem, especially since startups usually just thrive on a shared office space or a small-sized office at best. Moreover, a cluttered office space can hamper the productivity of most employees. Some can’t think clearly and creatively with all that office mess lying around. So below are several ways on how should startups deal with all these clutter:

  • Go Digital!


To minimize the stacks of documents and files in your office, you must convert all these into digital files and store them in a cloud-based platform. Moreover, it is best if you use a digital collaboration tool where all of your team’s output are uploaded, tracked and recorded. Forget circulars and memos too, just circulate or post announcements through emails or through online collaboration platforms (or through Facebook work groups).


  • For important documents and contracts, deposit them safely.


Now even if we try to keep all files digitized, there are certain documents – especially in business, that needs to be specially cared for. These includes records of contracts, business transactions, financial accounts, ledgers, titles and certifications. If your company still has stacks of these, it is best to keep them at a more secure place, like in a storage Singapore for example, if your startup office is located in Singapore.


  • Minimize personal stuff on every desk.


Too many personal items and trinkets on an employee’s desk can create clutter in the office. So as much as possible, tell your employees or coworkers to minimize these things on their tables. Just allow one photo album and one pen case for each person (if possible), or create a small nook in the office where all pens and sticky notes are stored in place – so that the employee don’t have to scatter these on their own desks.


You also need to disallow customization of laptops and computers on every employee’s desk. These can also add up to the mess and clutter soon enough. Lastly, make sure your team practices the “Clean As You Go” rule. This means that they should clear their desk from scratch papers, plastic and food crumbs before leaving the office each day.

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